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About Tapp Me

Tapp Me is a 'One Stop Solution' for all Renovation, Installation, Repair & Maintenance services for Offices & Homes. Hire experienced and professional Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters and many more on a tap of a finger! Currently catering to Jaipur, Patna & Visakhapatnam, Tapp Me stands out for its Trusted Quality Services along with transparent pricing.

Happy Customers of Tapp Me

Anuj Jain Customer of Tapp Me

"All I had to do was go online. The site was so easy to work with. A neatly dressed Service Provider rang my bell next morning"

Service: Window AC Servicing & Fans installation
Mr. Anuj Kumar, Patna
Arun Jain Customer of Tapp Me

"Finding quality and timely service is not a hassle, anymore. Tapp Me has a solution for all home repairs and value for money."

Service: Air Conditioner
Mr. Arun Jain, Vizag
Ashish Kumar Sinha Customer of Tapp Me

"After using Tapp Me for the first time, I now know what I have to do next time for any sort of home repair. I was extremely happy."

Service: Refrigerator Repair
Mr. Ashish Kumar Sinha, Patna
Prakriya Academy Customer of Tapp Me

"Extremely quick response. Both Technician and customer service kept constant communication with me during the diagnosis & the actual repair."

Service: Electrical
Prakriya Academy, Vizag
Samrat Customer of Tapp Me

"Excellent services. Best part about them is 15 day warranty. The service providers are polite and professional."

Service: Air Conditioner
Mr. Samrat, Vizag
Vara Laxmi Customer of Tapp Me

"The service was good. The worker was professional and came on time."

Service: Mixer Grinder Repair
Mrs. Varalaxmi, Vizag

Our Happy Empowered Technicians

Barun Service Provider of Tapp Me

" My Journey with Tapp Me has been amazing. I have got to learn a lot from the Senior Technicians over here."

Electrician at Tapp Me
Ravi kumar Service Provider of Tapp Me

"Tapp Me, by providing Regular Income has stabilized my Financial Condition. I, now see a brighter tomorrow for my Family."

Ravi Kumar
Refrigeration & AC Repair at Tapp Me
Randhir Kumar Service Provider of Tapp Me

"I used to be a Seasonal Unemployed. With Tapp Me, I have now become a Collared Employee. Tapp Me Uniform, Toolkit & Id Card have given me a new identity."

Randhir Kumar
Electrician at Tapp Me
Naveen Kumar Service Provider of Tapp Me

"I have gained respect after working here. Now, that I have a Uniform, and a branded Tool Kit, I have an identity"

Naveen Kumar
Electrician & Plumbing at Tapp Me
Tapas Kumar Service Providers of Tapp Me

"I could hardly make ends meet; now, I have a monthly guarantee!"

Tapas Kumar
AC Technician at Tapp Me

The Tapp Me Experience

  • No Visiting Fee, Home and Office Repair, Tapp Me

    No Visiting Fee

    Free inspection at your Doorstep

  • 15 Day Warranty, Home and Office Repair, Tapp Me

    15 Day Warranty

    Not satisfied with our services?

  • Cheap Pricing, Home and Office Repair, Tapp Me

    Standard Pricing

    Standard Rates for a smoother experience

  • Certified Technicians for Home and Office Repair, Tapp Me

    Background Checked

    Certified Technicians at your doorstep

Our Corporate Clients

OYO Corporate Client of Tapp Me
Bothra Corporate Client of Tapp Me
Concentrix Corporate Client of Tapp Me
SS Corporate Client of Tapp Me
Essar Corporate Client of Tapp Me
VLCC Corporate Client of Tapp Me