Carpenter Do It Yourself

Carpenter - Do It Yourself

How to remove scratches from furniture?

  • Use clear wax or colour wax. Wax fills the scratches and on the surface of the furniture and gives it a perfect shining look
  • Mix lemon juice & oil in equal quantity. Moisten a linen cloth in the solution and rub it on the scratches until the scratch becomes unnoticeable
  • To remove ink stains, apply toothpaste on the stain and brush gently with an old toothbrush. Wipe it off with a clean linen cloth
  • Rub a table spoon of peanut butter on the scratch or nick and leave it for around an hour. Clean it with a dry cloth

How to treat wooden doors and windows in monsoon?

  • Monsoon results in swollen wood of doors and window panels which happens due to humidity. Wax is the easiest, cheapest and most accessible lubricant to treat
  • Candle Wax; easily available and convenient to use. Rub a white wax candle against the door for about 30 seconds. Check if the door is moving smoothly, if not continue for about a minute
  • Car Wax; not just doors and windows but can also treat scratches of other household items. Rub a small dab of car wax for about a minute, and let your doors and closets move smoothly
  • Waxing; for treatment and glossy finish. Scrub the door with sand paper. Apply 2 coats of wax using a painting brush. More coats will make the door glossier