Plumber Do It Yourself

Plumber - Do It Yourself

How to fix a clogged drain?

  • Remove the clean-out plug located on a drain pipe (most likely in basement, garage or underground), and place a bucket under the clean-out
  • Using an auger, push the cable in until it reaches the blockage and turn the handle clockwise to dig the tip. Now, twist and pull the cable
  • If you are using a sewer rod, move the rod through the pipe to reach the clog. Now push the rod and pull it back to breakdown the clog
  • While using auger or rod, work it in both the directions of the drain lane, towards the house and out from the house

How often should i replace my home pipes?

  • Lifespan of Pipelines with different material: Brass (80-100 yrs), Copper (70-80 yrs), Steel (80-100 yrs)
  • If the pipeline of your house is 60 years old or more, get an annual inspection done in areas like basement or store rooms to look out at any leakage or irregularity
  • Fill a bathtub or bucket (prefer transparent one), and check if the color of the water looks brown or yellow. This is an indication of rust or corrosion
  • Whenever you plan for Home Renovation, grab the opportunity to get the pipelines replaced. It will save time and extra labour cost

How to fix a leaking tap?

  • Run all the taps in the home connected to the same spilling channel, to dispense the remaining water from the funnels
  • Apply m-seal on the leakage area. It’s perfect for sealing, fixing and joining.
  • Tie a long strong string around the end of the fixture. It will affect the water flow and cut back gradually
  • Keep a few spare pieces of rubber or elastic. Along with it, some hose clamps which you can easily get from a bike repair shop. Cover the gap with the elastic and put the hose clip on it