Refrigerator Do It Yourself

Refrigerator - Do It Yourself

How to fix a fridge that doesn't cool?

  • Over-heating: Keep a minimum distance between the coils of the fridge and wall. Overheating can affect the cooling capacity
  • Condenser fan: Clean the fan blades manually and spin it to check if it rotates smoothly
  • Thermostat: Check if the thermostat has been set at optimal temperature. Try switching to a lower temperature.
  • Compressor: Once you clean the fan blades and is working smoothly, switch on the fan and see if the compressor is working properly

Why is my fridge making noise?

  • If you experience a vibrating noise, your refrigeration may not be properly levelled. Arrange the fridge legs and levelling screws in alignment to the floor
  • If you experience a buzzing noise, it might be when the water dispensing or ice maker is getting filled. If your fridge is not connected to the water line, turn off the ice maker
  • If you experience noise the backside of the fridge, it could be because of debris or dust stuck between the blades. Unplug the fridge and clean the dust using a brush.
  • If the fridge still doesn’t work, the problem could be of faulty motor. Get it replaced with the help of a professional technician