Washing Machine Do It Yourself

Washing Machine - Do It Yourself

How do I fix a shaking washing machine?

  • Overload: Check if the machine is overloaded with clothes. Fill it as per the capacity, and restart it again
  • Levelling: Ideally, you should place your washing machine over a levelling device to maintain proper balance. Check if the levelling legs are even
  • Damaged Suspension rings: If the suspension rings are broken or damaged, get a professional technician and get it replaced with the new ones. It could damage the whole machine
  • Seek professional advice: If these tips don’t let the problem go away, your washing machine might be facing a grave issue and will need a professional technician!

How to prevent Rust from Washing Machine?

  • Check, if the rust is present in the machine or coming from the water. Due to rusty pipes, water seems to spread rust on laundry. Do a thorough diagnosis
  • If the rust is inside of the washing machine, fill the machine with hot water and add 2 cups of lemon juice. Now, run the machine at maximum speed
  • If the rust is present in the basket, you will need to get it replaced. It can’t be treated because the damage would have damaged that area of plastic. Contact a professional technician
  • Washing Machine is a sensitive appliance and requires utmost care. It is always recommended to call a professional technician for washing machine related problems