Water Purifier Do It Yourself

Water Purifier - Do It Yourself

RO or Water Purifier? Which one should I buy?

  • Maintenance: A quality RO incurs minimal maintenance cost and is durable. A UV filter needs annual replacements of UV lamps and filtration quality degrades with time.
  • Power Consumption: A quality RO consumes electricity between 25W – 40W. A UV filter consumes between 10W – 50 W
  • Quantity: If the number of consumers is up to 5 people, UV filter works perfectly. For more than 5 people, an RO system is recommended
  • Cost: RO systems are comparatively expensive than UV systems. Generally, RO systems are double the cost of water purifiers, depending upon the brand

How to clean the internal filters of an RO/Water Purifier?

  • Empty the water storage tank and leave it for some time. Remove the filter housings and reverse osmosis membrane & filters
  • Clean the RO system using bleach or the chemical prescribed by the manufacturer. Pour the solution and run it for about an hour. Follow this up by running fresh water through it to clean it
  • Clean the filter housings using soap solution and rinse it with fresh water. Also, it is recommended that you replace the pre-filter with a new one during the cleaning process.
  • Check the condition of the O-rings and see if they need replacement. Put back all the filters in place including the O-rings. Fill the water tank to witness the difference.