The Tapp Me Experience

Our customers are our assets! For a hassle-free home repair experience to all customers, Tapp Me ensures quality, safety, transparency and authenticity for every service provided.

  • No Visiting Fee, Home and Office Repair, Tapp Me

    No Visiting Fee

  • 15-Day Warranty, Home and Office Repair, Tapp Me

    15-Day Warranty

  • Cheap Pricing, Home and Office Repair, Tapp Me

    Standard Pricing

  • Certified Technicians for Home and Office Repair, Tapp Me

    Background Checked

Technicians for all Office & Home requirements

For complete office and home maintenance, you always need skilled, professional and experienced technicians who can provide quality home repair services. Whether you are staying in Gurgaon, Jaipur, Patna, Vizag or any other part of the country, getting technicians for different repair jobs will be a daily hassle for you. Why not choose a single service provider for all your repair services with one call? Tapp Me, one of India’s leading Office and Home Service Providers, offers hassle-free services with just one Tapp. We have a specialized team of experts for any and every kind of repair service you require.


Under a single roof, get technicians for every requirement:

Electrician: Get Certified & Experienced Electricians to provide your Homes & Offices complete safety from electric shocks or accidents

Plumber: Get Professional Plumbers to keep your house leakage & trouble free, be it the bathrooms, kitchen or any other pipeline

Carpenter: Get Reliable and Experienced Carpenters to protect your furniture from any kind of damage. We help with furniture assembly & dismantling as well as modular or semi-modular kitchen installation

AC Servicing Technician: Get Background checked AC Experts for AC maintenance. Be it your Home or Office, we provide professional AC Servicing to ensure a cool summer

Technician for Geyser repair: Get Certified experts for your Geyser so that you never experience a cold -water bath during winters

Technician for Washing Machine Repair:Our experienced Technicians will always be there for any kind of Washing Machine Repair services, assuring you a morning with fresh clothes everyday

Technician for Appliances: Tapp Me provides door-to-door repair for all appliances ranging from Television, Mixer Grinder and Water Purifier to RO, Microwave, Chimney, CCTV, Inverter Repair and much more

We value the money spent in such services, that is why we provide Free Consultation/Free Inspection before any service for complete satisfaction.